Trail Journal: Volume One - English



Trail Journal: Volume One || 35 Years of Rocky Mountain


Volume One of our Trail Journal is dedicated to the enjoyment of putting rubber-covered wheels into dirt. 70 pages of our favourite stories, images, bikes, and people from our first 35 years. Looks great on your shop bench, the porch at your backcountry cabin, or that designer coffee table you're too afraid to put your feet up on. 



  • 35 Years of Rocky Mountain 
  • Founding Fathers
  • Patina: From the Archives
  • Thomas Vanderham's Backcountry Coffee
  • Birth of the Froriders
  • Margus Riga: The Opposite of Control
  • Behind the Shot with Sterling Lorence
  • Process
  • Elements: An Ode to British Columbia
  • The Black Canyon Trail
  • Riding Stone Giants
  • Origins of Transalp
  • Distributor Postcards
  • Helle's Stutzalpe
  • Origins of Enduro
  • 10 Years of BC Bike Race
  • Spirit Forest
  • Tito Tomasi: Vive la Vie
  • 20 Years of the Godfather


For the French version please click here: Trail Journal: Volume Un - Francais